Gifted Services

Mission Statement
As a district, we strive to create a challenging, caring, and structured educational environment that empowers all learners to achieve their full potential in society. The role of Gifted Services in accomplishing this mission is to support students who show the capability for exceptionally high performance.

Minnesota Department of Education - Gifted  Education
Gifted and talented children and youth are those students with outstanding abilities, identified at preschool, elementary, and secondary levels.  These students are capable of high performance when compared to others of similar age, experience, and environment, and represent the diverse populations of our communities.  These are students whose potential requires differentiated and challenging educational programs and/or services beyond those provided in the general school program.  Students capable of high performance include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability in any one or more of the following areas: general intellectual, specific academic subjects, creativity, leadership and visual and performing arts.

Mike Walton, Gifted Services Coordinator