The School Bond Referendum link below now includes an update with a presentation report illustrating the scope of the project on the upcoming school referendum. There are also graphs of the cost impact for residential and agriculture land (both homestead and non-homestead properties). Please note on the graphs that the blue graphs are for existing debt for P-E-M and other area schools and the red identifies what the increase would equal with a successful referendum vote.
Public information meetings will be October 4th (Millville Grace Church Fellowship Hall), October 11th (P-E-M Jr. High Choir Room), and October 15th (P-E-M HS Gym)...all at 7:00 PM. 

School Bond Referendum Link

Student Testing Assessment Dates 2018-2019

To view PEM's Budget Publication of District Revenues and Minnesota's Department of Education Report Card of our district, click on the link below:

PEM Budget Publication

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