Summer Calendars/Permission Slips

Big Thrill Factory Permission Slip.doc
MN Children's Museum Permission Slip.doc
Bowlocity & Planetarium ​ Permission Slip.doc
Due May 15th.doc
Due June 7th.doc
Due June 21st.doc
Due July 5th.doc
Due July 19th.doc
Due August 2nd.doc

Calendars are due by the due date. If we do not receive them before the due date there may not be space for your child. If you are handing in a late calendar you will have to ask staff if there is space for your child.

*Please indicate how many children will be eating Bennett's lunch on the designated days. If they will not be eating lunch please put 0 so we know that you have seen it and chose not to use Bennett's.

Any activities that your child is in the weeks they are here need to be indicated at the bottom of the schedule. We need to know where they are going, what time they will be leaving, how they will be getting to the activity, and when they will return. It is important for us to know these things to ensure your child gets to where they need to be.