February 12, 2007

Independent School District No. 2899
Board Of Education
February 12, 2007

The School Board of Independent School District No. 2899, Plainview, MN met in a regular session on Monday, February 12, 2007. Members present: Lynn Zabel, Sue Tangen, Rita Young, Carol Cravath, Jane Timm, Rich Hall, Stacy Fox, Erika Hippe, Sheri Sexton and Eric Bartleson. Absent: Michael Hamilton Visitors: Jan Sackreiter, Eileen Kronebusch, Melissa NcNallan, Bonnie VanPutten, Erica Schneider, Rachel Meyer, Trishina Bowen, Stuart Sexton, Trent Beighly, Dustin Ohm, Josie Ellinghuysen, Aaron Loechler, Wayne Ferden, Theodora DePompolo, Alex Jurgenson, Andrew Faller, Craig Ihrke, Brenda Reiter, Phoebe Farris, Brandon Bauman, Hannah Roth, Brett Kubly, Benji Timm, Chris McNallan, Kyle Tjepkes, Heather VanHove, Trent Jacob, Nate Schneider, Jill Cameron, Dan Bethke, Crystal Sheehan and Karen Jurgenson. (Some names were not legible)

Called to order at 6pm by Chairperson Sexton.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Moved by Young, seconded by Timm to approve the agenda as amended. Motion passed unanimously.

Staff Recognition: Jan Sackreiter – Minnesota Department of Education, Finance Award; Michael Cabaya – Track and Field Hall of Fame; Wayne Ferden – Rochester Post Bulletin Teacher of the Month.

Student Recognition: Tess Huber was recognized as the JrHi 7th grade student of the month. Casey Marquardt (not present) – 8th grade student of the month.

Administration Reports:
Lynn Bastian – Fun in the Sun Day coming up, kindergarten registration night instead of a round up during the day;
Clark Olstad – Ski trip date changed due to cold weather, 8th graders tested above the National average on the EXPLORE testing;
Bill Ihrke – Snow Week is in full force, pepfest is Thursday instead of Friday due to dance team going to State, Spanish Trip postponed until next year, graduation ideas were discussed and the consensus was to have a professional photographer on stage to take pictures of the graduates as they receive their diplomas and to provide the family of each graduate with tickets for seating on the main floor of the gymnasium.

Curriculum Report given by Eileen Kronebusch regarding the impact of Community Education on the K-12 grades education.

Superintendent’s report was on the Legislature update which included such items as Health Insurance, All Day Every Day Kindergarten, Funding Formula, Length of School Year, High School Reform, School Board Day at the Capitol.

Board Committee/Workshop Report.
Calendar Committee – They discussed next year’s calendar, late starts or early dismissals for staff development.
Transportation/Facility Committee – Bussing options were discussed and how to fine tune the routes as they are this year; the alarm system in the 7/8 building; synchronizing the clocks in all buildings to assist late buses.
Finance Committee – met and discussed the budget for 07-08.
HVED – Rich Hall gave a review of their meeting.

Public Comment.

Moved by Hall, seconded by Young to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following: Approval of the January 8 board minutes as amended; February bills of $496,883.14 and treasurer’s report; Budget Report; Extend Leave of Absence for Cathy Vesel Schneider for an additional two years; Lane Change for Quinn Rassmussen; Spanish trip postponed until next year. Motion passed unanimously.

Matt Anderson reviewed the draft of the Technology Plan and made plans for the board subcommittee members to get together and go over the plan in more detail
Moved by Hall, seconded by Cravath to approve the seniority list. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved by Timm, seconded by Fox to approve the Revenue Budget Assumptions of a PK-12 3 projected enrollment of 1630 and an increase in the General Education Formula amount of 2%.Motion passed unanimously.

Retirement incentives were discussed; Superintendent Bartleson reported that MSBA had noted that it is not legal unless the contract was reopened and changed.

Moved by Cravath, seconded by Young to approve the Master Agreement Analysis proposal at a cost of $500. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved by Tangen, seconded by Cravath to accept the gifts and grants by Greenway and Wabasha County Farm Bureau. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved by Hippe, seconded by Hall to approve the American Red Cross Agreement. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved by Hall, seconded by Timm to approve a one year leave of absence for Marie Goede. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved by Timm, seconded by Zabel to approve the request for Staff Development Early Dismissal on April 5. Motion passed unanimously.

Test policy was discussed.

Board Member comments.

Moved by Young, seconded by Timm to adjourn the meeting at 8:16pm. Motion passed unanimously.

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