Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Application/Interest Form

imageWe want to make your volunteer experience is very enjoyable, so let's make sure you're doing something you're interested in! Please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form (found below) and return to any office, or send form to:

PEM Community Education
500 West Broadway
Plainview, MN 55964

In order to keep our children safe, there are two very important pieces of information that you need to know:

First, the school district will conduct a criminal background check on individuals 18 and over who will be working one on one with children and/or vulnerable adults in district programs, and those coaching athletic and academic activities. Offering these types of volunteer opportunities shall not be made available until receipt of the final results of the criminal background check from the BCA are deemed acceptable to the school district and approved by the school board.

Second, when volunteering, confidentiality is a must. There are specific federal and state laws that protect information of a personal nature about children in a school setting. Persons who violate these laws open themselves up to litigation (a lawsuit). It is natural to want to go home or back to school and share your experiences. Just remember not to use names or specific identifying information concerning individual children. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to the teacher, facilitator or principal.