Summer 2019 Info. & Registration

*We will be starting a waiting list for 2019 Summer as of March 8th.

2019 Summer Information

There is a mandatory meeting for new summer families. This will be May 13th at 6pm in the Elementary Media Center.

When registering for the summer program you will need to turn in:

1. Summer Registration (one for each child) DUE MAY 1st  *SPACE IS LIMITED TO A CERTAIN NUMBER OF CHILDREN*

2. Registration Fee

*The first calendar is due May 13th  


Summer Program Hours

•Monday-Friday 6am-6pm

•First day of summer programming will be June 3th    

•Last day of summer programming will be August 23rd

**Kidz Club will be closed**

July 3rd & 4th

August 26th-30th



FULLDAY (6 or more hours)

HALF DAY (less than 6 hours)

One Child

$28.00 per day

$21.00 per day

Two Children

$50.00 per day

$31.00 per day

Three Children

$62.00 per day

$39.00 per day

All-inclusive daily rates include all routine program fees such as snacks (when your child is in attendance during regularly scheduled snack times), as well as activity fees for scheduled swimming pool activities, and field trips.  See Parent’s Handbook for additional information. 

*Bennett’s lunch will be available twice a week for $3 a meal. There will be a menu sent out with the welcome letter.
*If your family qualifies for a free or reduced lunch please let the coordinators know this.

In an effort to go paperless we will not be printing off Handbooks unless requested. They will be available on our website. 

There is a 1 day minimum charge per child each week.*



Drop in rate will be the regular rate plus $5 per family. Drop-in participants are not eligible for field trips.  NOTE: Drop-in participation is only available as space permits, so you will need to call before coming.

*Late Pick Up or Early Drop Off Fee: $10 per child if the parent picks child up after 6pm or drops off before 6am. Excessive tardiness (more than 3 times a year) or early drop offs may result in termination from the program.



May 13th Parent Orientation in the Pre-K Media Center


*Mandatory for families new to summer*

May 13th

June 3rd-June 14th

June 3rd

June 17th-June 28th

June 17th

July 1st-12th **Closed July 4th & 5th **

July 1st

July 15th-July 26th

July 15th

July 29th-August 9th

July 29th

August 12th-August 23rd

* Kidz Club will be closed August 26th-30th


Summer programming includes supervised care, field trips, trips to the public pool & library, and two snacks per day (if here during scheduled snack times). During the summer, we will be doing activities that promote learning as well as physical activities through games and outdoor & indoor play.

Kidz Club staff will be taking kids going into Kindergarten and kids going into 3rd grade and above to the pool Mondays and Wednesdays 1pm-3pm. We will then take kids going into 1st and 2nd grade kids to the pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There will be a permission slip available in the room the first week of summer that parents will need to fill out for Kidz Club. Parents need to sign Pool Agreement in order for students to be able to participate (forms located in the Kidz Club room near the computer when summer starts). We also suggest that kids bring their swim suits and towels daily for water games at Kidz Club.

PEM Kidz Club staff will accompany kids to and from activities in the K-3 and 9-12 buildings. Please note all activities on your bi-weekly calendar. We cannot ensure children making it to activities unless it is stated on the child’s schedule. Parents will need to make arrangements for other activities. The Hiawathaland Transit Bus will transport students for an additional fee. We are planning on walking kids to one session 1 of swimming lessons at the Plainview Public Pool.



For any child to participate in the field trips they must have the permission slips turned in by the deadline for that field trip. When going on field trips your child will have to wear tennis shoes and bring a sack lunch for that day.

Kidz Club will not be open to children not attending field trips on those days.


Permission Slips Due/Field Trip Days are as follows:

May 6th for Play stages Theater & Chutes & Ladders Park Planned for July 12th (Due very early because payment is due in May)

Due June 5th for Historic Forestville Planned for June 21st

Due July 17th for Edinborough Park in Edina Planned for August 2nd

*Please note that turning in a permission slip you will be billed for your child/ren for a regular day charge whether they attend or not.*

There are no extra costs for your child to attend field trips, but each child should bring a lunch in a thermal lunch bag and wear tennis shoes on field trip days. We also ask that children are here 15-20 minutes before departure time to get into our groups and put on Kidz Club shirts.


Bennett’s Food Center will be catering a lunch twice a week throughout the summer. This will be an extra cost of $3 per meal. You will need to indicate on your schedule how many children attending will be eating the lunch.  If you think your child will need more food you are welcome to send some. We also need families to send a drink for the children. *For children with allergies parents should talk to Clarisa. If families do not want the Bennett’s lunch they can pack for these days.


1. Your child needs to bring a sack lunch daily – we have refrigerators available.

2. Your child needs to have tennis shoes.

3. Your child will need a bottle of sunscreen on site. There will be a charge if your child does not have any.

4. Your child can bring a blanket or towel for rest time.

5. If your child needs more to eat than the two provided snacks per day, then you may pack an additional healthy snack for them to eat. They will need to let staff know before eating it because we do have allergies in the program.

6. If your child will be going to the pool, they will need to bring swim wear and towel each day.  To prevent mold, etc. wet suits, towels, and clothing cannot be left in lockers!

7. We ask that your child have an extra change of clothes in their locker in case of an accident or spill.

**For more information on billing, policies, procedures, etc., please refer to the Parent Handbook.**

We look forward to a fun summer! If you have any questions, please contact me.


Thank you,

Clarisa Murphy-PEM Kidz Club Coordinator
Nicole Schneider- Assistant Coordinator
​Phone: (507) 534-1873
​Website: under the Community Education tab, then Kidz Club

 *We will send out a welcome letter the beginning of April to the families that will be in the program. We will also let anyone know if they will be put on a waiting list at this time.*

*We will start a waiting list after a certain number of children. If you are put on the waiting list you will be contacted as soon as possible.*

Below is the registration & our updated handbook.
2019 Registration Paper Work.doc
Handbook Summer 2019 Fall 2019-2020.docx