Winter Fun Day!

Winter Fun Day

Candy Canes

Saturday December 9

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


(Drop off at the PK-3 MPR: students will be in MPR from 9-noon)

(Pick-up in the Cafeteria: students will be in cafeteria from noon to 4pm)


$30.00/child or $20.00/child if more that one in the family.


If you need a day to finish your holiday shopping,

baking or decorating?  We will entertain your child(ren)

 for the day.


We have plenty of holiday games planned to entertain them

 for the entire day!


Please have them pack a lunch, bring there sled and warm gear

and let us do the rest! 

Register online or use this form:  Registration Form.doc