GED Preparation & Testing

GED Preparation
The GED Tests measure high school level skills and knowledge.  The GED credential offers adults a powerful second chance at attending college or pursuing a career.

Classes and computer courseware, as well as individual help are available to prepare adults to pass the GED tests.  The five subject areas include writing skills, social studies, science, reading skills and math.  For more information call the PEM Community Education Office at 534-2225 to set something up right here in Plainview.

On-Line GED Preparation
There are state approved on-line lessons available to prepare for the GED tests.  Contact or call 328-4469 for more information.

GED Testing
GED tests are given at Hawthorne Education Center, 700 4th Ave SE, Rochester, MN.  To qualify for testing you must be a MN resident, 19 years of age or older (age waivers can be obtained for those who are 16-18) and have a MN driver's license.  While GED preparation is free, there is a charge for the actual testing.  There are five tests that make up the GED and the fee is $15.00 per test ($75.00 total).  If a student needs to take a retest the fee is an additional $15.00.  Testing is done twice a month, on Wednesdays.  Call 328-4442 for more information.

At the Hawthone Education Center, you can also study:
  • English Language
  • Reading, Math, Writing
  • GED and High School Diploma
  • Citizenship
  • Career and college preparation
  • Family Literacy

Contact: Katie Pepin