Advisory Council

PEM Community Education Advisory Board



Katie Pepin, Community Education Director
Jody Schwarzhoff, School Readiness/ECFE Teacher
Vanessa Sagdalen, School Readiness/ECFE Teacher
Julie Liebnenow, School Readiness/ECFE Paraprofessional
Jennifer Torres, School Readiness/ECFE Paraprofessional
Clarisa Murphy, School Age Childcare Coordinator
Nicole Schneider, School Age Childcare Assistant Coordinator
Jake Thompson, School Board

2017/2018 Meeting Dates are:

Meeting #1:  Monday, September 25

Meeting #2:  Monday, January 29

Meeting #3:  Wednesday, April 4

Meeting #4:  Tuesday, May 29

The meetings will take place from 11:00 - 11:45am in the PEM School Board Room. 

Advisory Board Seeks New Members! 

The Advisory Board works in partnership with Community Education to assess community needs, plan for programming and evaluate program effectiveness. Community Education works best when all ages of the community are represented on the council; so people of all ages are encouraged to join, even if they do not have children in school. Please contact Katie at 534-2225 if you're interested!

Contact: Katie Pepin