P-E-M Public Schools
Transportation Services Webpage
Welcome to P-E-M Public School District’s Transportation Services Webpage. The district’s goal is to transport students to and from school in the safest, most cost-effective means possible, which is a large undertaking as most of our students are eligible to ride the bus. The district covers a large geographic area in Wabasha and Olmsted Counties. The district hopes that our students and families have a safe and positive transportation experience. 
To ensure safe and timely transportation for all students, please remember:
·         Students should be at the bus stop five minutes before the bus arrives.
·         All students who need to cross a road at their bus stop should please wait for the bus driver to signal students across.
·         Students should act responsibly and respectfully towards people and property at all times.
Your transportation providers encourage you to call on them with questions or concerns and are committed to working with you pro-actively.
Check out for more safety information regarding school bus safety.
For general questions and inquiries regarding district transportation matters, please contact: 

Bluff Country School Bus Service           
Doug and Cara Grisim                              
960 North 10th Street                                    
Lake City, MN 55041