Continuing Education

Please note as of 3/18/2019:

MDE has issued new guidelines...There is no longer the Reflective statement requirement.  Currently the only four requirements are as follows:

1) Positive behavioral intervention strategies
2) Reading preparation
3) Understanding the key warning signs of early-onset mental illness - must include one hour of suicide prevention
4) English Language Learners

There will be another requirement on Cultural Competency. MDE has released these guidelines for renewals in 2020 and beyond:

Cultural Competency Training must include the following elements in a format fostering self reflection and discussion where the focus is on deepening the teacher’s own frames of
reference, potential bias in these frames, and the impact of these frames on students, students’ families, and the school communities:
o Racial, cultural, and socioeconomic groups;
o American Indian and Alaskan native students;
o Religious diversity;
o Gender identity, including transgender students;
o Sexual orientation;
o Language diversity;
o Individuals with disabilities and mental health concerns; and
o Systemic racism.

Continue to use our current forms; the forms will be updated when more specifics are provided by MDE.